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I wake up with sleep lines on the face that take a long time to disappear. What do you suggest?

Chrysa, Kavala

I suppose that you sleep on either your side or your stomach… As it has been proved, when the skin is compressed during sleeping, it may cause wrinkles or make the existing ones worse. In order to avoid directly the annoying “lines” on the face but also the wrinkles that may be permanent, start sleeping from now on as much as possible on your back. Besides, an old secret that definitely works… as it’s certain that if you sleep on a silk pillowcase, you will wake up with fewer or no lines at all on the face. Try it out! Mania Bousmpoura


My daughter bites her nails and cuticles and she has caused wounds. What may help?

Mary, Piraeus

Apart from the aesthetic side of the problem, health problems may be caused by this habit, such as inflammation around the nails (perionychitis) but also problems concerning the quality of the nails (onychodystrophy). A solution that I wouldn’t recommend is putting acrylic nails for a period of time. They are very hard and taste bad!

Natassa Krepi, Nails Expert


Pimples with dark spots often come up on my face and I can’t help pinching them. Is there something really effective to dry them out?

Valia, Ioannina

You are definitely not the exception! All of us have done the same, especially during periods of intense stress. We recommend to you LIERAC PRESCRIPTION, CONCENTRE BI-PHASE ANTI-IMPERFECTIONS, a solution against imperfections. We believe it will help you a lot. Just put a cotton swab into the bottle vertically and then apply it on the pimple (better at night). The next day there will be a big difference.

Evelina Bousmpoura


You have written a very nice article about suits. I have a formal suit in masculine style that my mother used to wear and it’s handmade of fine woolen fabric. Do you think I can wear it or it would be considered old-fashioned? It is black with thin white stripes.

Pepi, Athens

I think you own a treasure! Vintage pieces of clothing of good fabric quality are precious. Check if the lining is in a good condition or it needs replacing. It may also need dry cleaning in order to be freshened up and look new again. Besides, as you have read in our related article http://iqbeaute.com/fashion/my-way-my-suit/ striped pieces in retro style referring to past decades are the ultimate trend, let alone having an authentic one!

Vaness Metzer Stylist / Fashion Editor


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