The Experience Store


The ultimate oasis of beauty is a “beehive”, located in the center of Athens and it bears the name of Apivita. A visit there has a lot to offer us!

by Evi Georgiou

In the busiest street of Athens, Solonos street, the Apivita Exprerience Store is located in an impressive neoclassical building. A place with warm and friendly atmosphere that is filled with scents of tea, jasmine, lavender and orange. A place of high aesthetic appeal that I often visit every time I want to have a holistic beauty experience in the most natural way. A few days ago I browsed again throughout.

The acquaintance with the Apivita “beehive” was made in the most traditional Greek way, on the ground floor that looks like a courtyard. I was offered tea with honey in order to have a little more energy to discover and try all the company’s products on the ground floor. Moreover, both the new products and the always helpful staff offer many gift ideas, especially now that Christmas is just around the corner.



Then, after having enjoyed some antioxidant juice from the biological Juicy Bee Bar on the first floor, I headed towards the Natural Pharmacy where with the help of the specialized personnel, we discussed the needs of my complexion and we prepared personal cosmetics such as creams, serum as well as facial and body masks.



In the Hair Studio, on the third floor, I had a wonderful reconstructive hair treatment while Kimon Gazaris, the hair expert, informed me about the natural hair dyes, the perfect color as well as the coverage offered to the hair and he suggested the appropriate color through a full color range. Finally, Nikoleta took care of my hair, and I have to admit that after treatment, it was soft, shiny and hydrated. I have also to mention that on the same floor you can find the Barber Shop, an ideal place for the treatment of our beloved one.



On the fourth floor, I was literally lost in the excitement of the senses. Entering the Beehive SPA, the scents of oil, the tray with fruits and the detoxifying juices that were there for me, made my waiting for the treatments in the cabin even more tempting. I tried innovative face and body treatments and I relaxed with a soothing massage which was the ultimate experience of relaxation and wellness for both body and spirit.



Apivita The Experience store
Solonos 6, Athens 21 0364 0560
Photos: Tommy Papadimitriou