5 tips before deep cleansing

There are five moves you should avoid before deep facial cleansing. Discover them and get a radiant skin.

by Anna Maria Papiri This season a specialized cleansing and moisturizing care is the best thing you can offer to your skin. It will contribute to the glow of Christmas holidays and boost your mood. But in some cases, in which you have invested in the best result, things don’t go as planned. According to what I have discussed at times with friends who are dermatologists, possible complications after deep cleansing is not related to the active ingredients that are used or the bad treatment by the expert as it is believed. Our exaggeration or some of our own thoughtless moves are the main causes of irritation and unwanted results. So find out what is forbidden to do three days before your visit to the expert. DON’T pinch the pimples Don’t do experiments with your pimples or black spots on your face, especially before the visit to the expert. The irritation that is caused will block the deep cleansing of your pores. Also, the ingredients that will be used are likely to make things worse and as a result you may need more days to recover. DON’T use active exfoliating products Ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid in high concentration can make your skin more sensitive. So, if you don’t know if the content of these ingredients in your exfoliating product is in a safe amount, avoid using it three days before and a few days after any treatment. DON’T put on eyelash extensions. We should pay attention to the glue that is used on the lashes. It must be protected for about 48 hours, which means that you should avoid contact with lotions, cleansing oil and steam. It would be an exaggeration to mention the case of irritation but surely your lashes will be removed and you will have wasted your money… DON’T combine Botox with facial cleansing If you have had Botox, you should wait at least 48 hours before the facial cleansing. The massage movements are likely to move the active injectable ingredient to other parts of your face. DON’T have hair removal Apart from the hair, hair removal strips remove the outermost layers of cells from the skin. This process makes the skin sensitive and then it requires time to be healed and find its balance. If there had been hair removal on the face (with strips or even laser), it’s preferable to wait three days before any facial cleansing.


Anna Maria Papiri is both a journalist and writer, specializing in anti-aging issues. Her first book, The Youth Revolution, was released in 2012 by Minoas editions and it met a great success.

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