Two magnificent anti-aging products


Mania Bousmpoura attended a very interesting journalistic launch of the Premium range by Lierac and she comments…

Presentations of new products to journalists like us are probably the nicest part of our job. They give us the opportunity to try their texture, learn a lot about technology, new formulas as well as their effectiveness and finally, to appreciate whether a new product is worth our presentation to you. In a similar presentation of the French company Lierac, I got to know two new products of the Premium luxury anti-aging range. A range that appeals to women who look for exceptional care products and who also dream of experiencing high results as well as pleasure in their anti-aging care. A precious combination of effectiveness and sensualism, the Premium range contains high concentration of hyaluronic acid enriched with a unique selection of rare black flowers extracts – rose, orchid and poppy – with highly anti-oxidant and nutritive properties. Deep wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin imperfections and dehydration, all signs of aging are being effectively treated!

Here’s a great video for Lierac Premium with her new muse, the French-British actress Kristin Scott Thomas.

Which are the new products? Firstly, Lierac Premium La Creme Soyeuse. A very active anti-aging product with an amazingly light and silky texture that offers both a perfect matte finish and a velvet touch. Ideal for women who want an overall treatment of the aging signs, with a precious cream which is not at all greasy. Additionally, Lierac Premium Le Masque Supreme that I would characterize as a youth booster. A mask for immediate rejuvenation and anti-aging effect on the skin. A product that visibly improves the skin within minutes and I think it is ideal for intensive care to apply once or twice a week but also before every official event, especially now during Christmas holidays. Personally, I used it instead of the night cream and the results were impressive. Both these products, as well as the whole Premium range by Lierac, really deserve our attention!