Renew hair contouring

Our beauty editor Evi Georgiou surrendered to the experts of Wella Professionals and she tried on the new colour technique Hair Contouring. Being excited with the new colour, she reveals through her experience everything we want to know about the ultimate trend of the coming season!

Every woman dreams of beautiful, shiny hair with a wonderful colour and she knows that making even small changes on her hair gives a perfect boost of energy and optimism. According to surveys, the hair colour has a big impact on our mood. Personally, when I have a problem, I must confess that I take it out on my hair!
However, to be honest, I don’t like extreme changes in my hair colour, I prefer to follow a safer but always elegant path. Exploring the spring and summer trends, I found out that closer to what I was looking for is Contouring. So, a few days ago, I found myself at the hair salon Ilias Antoniou, where I had the chance to try on the new hair colour technique, the Hair Color Contouring by Wella Professionals.
What is the hair contouring?
It is a colour technique which highlights and brings out every woman’s features. Just like the makeup, contouring on hair is adapted to our special needs and it is based on the recommended colour adjustment so that an illusion of light and shadow is being created.
This way, the shape of the face is defined and outlined as the natural skin tone, the eye colour as well as the most beautiful facial features are highlighted, imperfections are covered and so finally unique and personal results are achieved. Wella Professionals, with its long experience in colour services, brings this year the trend of contouring on our hair!
The range Le Beige, which includes six especially designed shades consisting of a unique combination of warm and cold tones, ideally highlights every skin type reinforcing completely the hair contouring, through new shades of both Koleston Perfect and Color Touch.

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