Boudoir my love…

When my friend photographer Effie Grigoriou told me about Boudoir My Love Photography, if I remember correctly, I laughed a lot. Will women take their clothes off for a super sexy photo,  just for their own use? Or perhaps for their friend? Or only for their man? Will they hang it on  the wall of their bedroom? For their personal vanity? I must admit that I’ve never expected the incredible success of this project and the big participation of women. And of course, where there is innovation about women, there lies the IQBeauté and so a discussion with the artist was inevitable!

By Tina Kouloufakou

My dear Effie, how did the idea of Boudoir My Love come up?
About a year ago, photographing newly- born babies I noticed the need that most new moms of all ages had, in order to feel beautiful and special. I thought a boudoir photography would be the most beautiful gift that a woman could make to herself or to her partner, at any stage and age. Besides a woman doesn’t have opportunities to be exclusively and individually photographed, as some famous persona would do.

It is something very new for Greece. Does it have response?
Yes! The interest is continuous and questions for information come one after the other. The Greek woman is not yet familiar with the professional photography, of course, let alone something so personal. Abroad, Boudoir already has tremendous response and I think that the Greek woman will love it, as a means of discovering and reassuring her femininity. It is already happening!

What drives women to make such photography?
The need to see yourself through the eyes of others, to discover your limits and your charming side through a series of professional shots. You will see yourself as you have never imagined. From my side, I feel that helping the woman to feel her sexuality, self-confident, beautiful and unique is perfectly acceptable.

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