Fashion has a name

Denise Eleftheriou is a multifaceted fashion personality. She is not just an established designer who studied at the best schools in the world with years of experience, but she is also the creator who knows how to put emphasis on the style of every woman and win her heart.

By Anna Fenertzian

Style is inherited, acquired, learned. Do all these together apply to your case or, perhaps, none of them does?
Style, in my opinion, is in the DNA of a human being. Only if there isn’t, then the rest will apply, which certainly help, but they are never enough if one does not have it by nature. A very famous example is Chanel. Although she was the illegitimate child of a family of itinerant vendors, at a time when the working class had no contact with the aristocracy, she managed to change the image of the modern woman. If this is not DNA, then what is it?

You are a creator who studied at one of the best schools of fashion in the world. Is fashion finally taught?
In the past, most designers were not studying fashion, but apprenticed to other designers. Today I think it is extremely difficult for one to start without such studies, unless one is very lucky and studies alongside another designer. Technology and technical knowledge that one has to have make studies necessary.

Staying in Milan and studying at the Instituto Marangoni how have these influenced your carreer?
I think both were decisive for my career. I got another way of looking at things,
a better vision and a wider scope of the activity in the field. I learned to document why I don’t like something and the opposite. The daily contact with fashion is a very important experience. You took a walk to the boutiques of designers and you immediately had the chance to see and to look at the fabric, the finishing details and all the other details of a garment. The perceived images of the everyday city life may also form strong references. The biggest benefit for me and what I really enjoyed in Milan were the friendships I made with my peers who had come from all parts of the world to study fashion and had the same dreams with me. Professionally, apart from these studies, the most important thing was that I stopped watching with awe the creations of designers. They were just very nice clothes that I had to learn how to make them myself!

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