Win the magical eye product by Darphin that will boost the brightness of your eyes and will eliminate dark circles, fine lines and visible signs of aging.

All we want to have a bright and beautiful look of our eyes. The eye area, however, is not an easy task. The skin in this area is five or six times thinner than any other point so the effects of modern life, such as fatigue, stress and irritation, are easy to see. As a result, dark circles, fine lines as well as visible signs of aging become more obvious easily. So, the eye area requires a specialized care. For this reason, Darphin created the IDEAL RESOURCE ANTI-DARK CIRCLE EYE ILLUMINATOR, a triple targeted action product that restores the vitality of the sensitive eye area, calms the skin and maintains its youthful appearance. Its application achieves an immediate and long lasting enhancement of the brightness in the area, it reduces fine lines, prolongs the shine and by boosting the natural production of collagen it makes the skin firmer and more elastic. It soothes possible irritation and restores the healthy appearance of the skin highlighting the look. To enhance the smart efficiency of this new generation skincare product, Darphin chose an applicator with a specialized nozzle, inspired by the advanced massage techniques used by the therapists at the Darphin Vendome Institute. The results of this product are magical and it’s worth trying! You can use it every day as part of your regular skincare program and before applying your makeup. Put the IDEAL ANTI-DARK CIRCLE EYE ILLUMINATOR in your bag and use it as often as needed during the day in order to revitalize the look of the eye instantly even after many hours of work in front of the computer in the office!



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