How to make thin lips look fuller!


Whether you have always been thin-lipped or are suddenly experiencing a loss of volume, an unfortunate side effect of aging, here are a few practical makeup and skin-care tips to keep in mind.

by Evi Georgiou

Skip deep red lipsticks Rich dark shades tend to draw attention to the problem. Instead, nudes and soft pinks are your best bets. Using a flesh-toned pencil, trace just slightly outside your natural lip line. Then fill in your lips completely with the pencil. Top them off with a creamy neutral lipstick in a similar shade and enjoy the magic of optical illusion. Be strategic about shine Don’t add gloss all over. Apply just a touch of gloss to the center of your top and bottom lips. This will reflect light and give them a 3-D effect. Finish with a dab of highlighter (or champagne-colored eye shadow) on your Cupid’s bow (the peak of your top lip) to add visual depth. Bring focus to your eyes Bold brows, fluttery lashes and smoky shadow: Don’t be afraid to go big on the eyes to counteract your petite pout. And since you’re going neutral on the lips, a heavier eye won’t look too overdone. Boost circulation regularly Before ever putting on lip color, take a toothbrush (or a washcloth) and gently rub it over your lips in a circular motion. Not only does this help nix flakes (dry lips reflect less light, making them look smaller), but it also promotes circulation (which actually does temporarily plump them up). Keep lips moist Whether you prefer a convenient stick or a thicker salve, keeping your lips hydrated is key to making them look fuller. Slather on liberally after exfoliating and whenever lips feel dry. Protect your lips from the sun UV rays age your lips just like your skin. More specifically, they break down collagen, which leads to thinning over time. Prevent future deflation by wearing a lipstick or balm with a minimum of SPF 15 whenever you’re outside.