A «blue zone» in the heart of the cells

Chanel Blue Zone Greece Mastic Tree

The Research department of Chanel explore a new field for women’s care, longevity, a principle of life that resist in the battle against aging. So did the Blue Serum come into being, with the use of which it invites us to bring to the surface our inner treasures and to take beauty in our hands!

By Mania Bousmpoura

Men and women with high longevity living in the so-called «blue zones» in Costa Rica, in Sardinia, in Japan but also in Greece have discredited all demographic statistics. They live longer and healthier than their highly-informed residents of megacities. The Chanel Research department decided to cross-check data from studies on aging of the skin with the most recent studies on super-centenarian populations. So, they identified four mechanisms necessary for the longevity of skin: Cellular energy, which is equivalent to the daily exercise in the «blue zones». Cellular metabolism, which is as important as a balanced diet. Adaptation to cellular stress, an essential element in dealing with daily attacks that the skin encounters. Intercellular communication, which is essential for the well-being of the skin, as is the case with social ties in the «blue zones».
Finally, there was a unique, distinctive approach, which led to the creation of the Blue Serum, a product of skin care with combinatorial action addressed to all skin types and to all ages.

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