Reveal your skin’s youth


Spring is here and after an exhaustive winter we aim for skin detoxification and rejuvenation. Iliada Klangou tries on the complete range Nuxellence by Nuxe, which in combination with some usual daily habits, promises to protect the skin’s youth and radiance!

By Iliada Klangou

Energy a keyword to meet the challenge of our everyday life. But also a keyword for our skin cells which cannot be effective without being at a sufficient energy level and as a result, the consequences of such a condition can be visible on our face.
Thin lines, fatigue and dull skin are not only signs of premature aging, but they also reveal what happens in the DNA, more precisely the mitochondrial DNA, which is worn out daily by external factors, failing to provide the cells with energy and in turn they cannot repair the damage and assure the youth of the skin.
Nuxe has come to break this vicious circle with the Nuxellence range which focuses on getting in the heart of the problem, the mitochondrial DNA, and cells provision. Nuxellence is not just a skin care range but a real ritual of youth following the skin’s biorhythms with three care steps.

Tender is the night

It’s a fact that nothing can replace a good night’s sleep. However, Nuxe found a way to «immitate» its action through the innovative technology of the night cream Nuxellence Detox. So, we can wake up in the morning as if we have slept two extra hours and had the most precious beauty sleep! In its heart lies the Super Detox Complex, an innovative «cocktail» of passion fruit, anchusa, poppy petals, Constantinople acacia as well as biotechnology-based derived sugars, which repair the damage in the mitochondrial DNA and therefore it provides cells with energy. Result: the next morning our skin cells are ready to deal with external attacks effectively.

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