Flash tattoos, the hot trend


Flash Tattoos are undoubtedly the trend of styling. Georgia Georgiopoulou who brought them to Greece, reveals the secrets of their success and gives us useful styling tips!

By Evelina Bousmpoura You have brought flash tattoos, the current international fashion trend, to Greece. Why are they so popular in your opinion? They are impressive, Super Stars love them and the most important thing is that they suit every woman’s style. Is it mostly a summer trend? Like accessories, Flash Tattoos are a trend all year round. Certainly in summer we can wear them on more parts of the body that remain uncovered but undeniably in winter we can put them on as a piece of jewelry. Are they combined with a particular style? Every collection of Flash Tattoos has its own character and they can be perfectly adapted to the fashion trends. They can be combined perfectly with every styling, either with a classic black dress and sandals or with the 70’s look that is very hot this autumn.

They have been so popular thanks to Beyonce and Rihanna and then many stars and celebrities adopted this trend so that today they have been snapped up.

How much close are they to the Parisian chic style that as we know characterizes your company and you personally? They can be very close and very far away at the same time! What I always believe and it absolutely represents our company is that “Less is more”. But “less” depends on every woman’s style. Don’t forget that “beautiful is what we like”. Have they been used by Greek fashion designers in fashion shows? Yes, by Celia Kritharioti, the Greek fashion designer who has now surpassed the Greek borders, in Mad Walk 2015. On which parts of the body do you like seeing them? I like them very much on the back, especially when combined with a ponytail. If I were asked a couple of days ago how many you can put on together, I would say one or two. But I saw a girl yesterday who was wearing a minimal long dress and she had put on several patterns on her arms and I loved it! She was magnificent! Is it true that Flash Tattoos are preparing a collaboration with a big foreign firm? shhh … it’s still a secret !! “The Fashion Desk” that you manage, represents the most modern jewelry brands worldwide. Apart from the flash tattoos, which are the leading trends this season? The metallic elements and geometric shapes will strongly dominate the autumn and winter of 2016. The minimal line that is expressed by thin and fixed metal bracelets as well as long necklaces of two or three series, is a trend. Regarding the colors, we select the “gun metal”, in other words the dark silver, giving a rock and modern touch to our look. Besides, the most wearable colors will be the warm autumn colors like burnt camel and bordeaux marsala. As for styling, what do you advise people to do? When styling, always be yourself. When going out always take a look in the mirror and smile with satisfaction!

Applied easily, you only have to cut out the pattern you want and remove the clear sheet. Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds. Peel the paper aside slowly and …. That’s it! To remove, rub your skin with baby oil for about one minute. Buy online: www.vivavida.gr

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