Cryolipolysis. It works!

The most modern method that really deals with the localized fat and the accumulated fat in the body without surgery is called “Cryolipolysis”! A new revolutionary solution with impressive results.

By Mania Bousmpoura in collaboration with Apostolos Gaitanis, plastic surgeon A few years ago, there was no woman who believed that a painless non-surgical method, would finally face fat and have a better shaped body. Yet this is now possible. By cryolipolysis (advanced cooling technology), the system of the American company Zeltiq, CoolSculpting, permanently eliminates fat from parts of our body that are annoying. Its action is so immediate that a single application can result in a more firm and shapely body. It is about the most reliable cryolipolysis system, approved by the American FDA (Global Food & Drug Administration) with additional medical approvals worldwide. Everything that we still need to know… 1 | The process of CoolSculpting treatment is comfortable, fast and painless, does not require incisions, anesthesia or hospitalization. The feeling that one has during the treatment is that of cooling in the application area. It is a non-surgical treatment after which, we return immediately to our activities. 2 | The operation is based on cooling, causing cell death (apoptosis) and in the forthcoming weeks after the application they are eliminated from the body by phagocytosis, a natural way. 3 | The results are long-lasting because after treatment fat cells have been reduced forever. 4 | Applicable to areas where fat is accumulated, in the buttocks (buns), abdomen, side waist, inner thighs, arms, generally in areas where there is accumulated fat, in both women and men. 5 | When applying the treatment, a special gel is spread over the treatment site, which then is covered with a special film on which a special head is then applied, different for every part of the body. 6 | It usually takes one session, which depending on the size of the treated area, it can last from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. The response of the skin determines whether another session is necessary. The effect is visible in about 1.5 months after the application. 7 | The CoolScultping is totally safe. It is not suggested in cases that there is a pacemaker, disturbances in blood circulation, a stomach ring and in areas where there is a recent surgical incision (after 6 months it can be performed). Moreover, to cancer patients and those taking anticoagulants (applied only with the consent of the competent doctor). 8 | Prices vary depending on the area of application and the target we have set. That’s why in collaboration with the doctor we create a treatment program adjusted to the body, our needs and our budget. 9 | The CoolScultping can be combined with other non-surgical treatments like Endermologie for cellulite treatment and Accent & Fractora tightening radio frequencies, offering even better results.