It’s our birthday!

IQbeaute is celebrating its second year and the feelings are many and so very special that to be honest, they are difficult to describe in words, even in the most beautiful Greek words … My little baby has become a child and its steps are steadier on earth. I think it has become more beautiful, it has got many friends and of course it claims life with its own unique character and behavior. With even greater dedication, love and anxiety, I stood by it this year, but even greater is the pride I feel for what it has already achieved. What do I wish today at its celebration? What else? Of course, I wish my baby to be well and continue to claim its life and its beauties in its own way and in the company of those who love it. And I will be on its side in every step and every goal, for as high as it may be. And of course, I feel grateful to everyone who cares and loves my child: To the people who daily share with me anxieties but also a vision, creative hours, but also fatigue, beauties but also problems, challenges, but also risks, tensions, but also the satisfaction of achieving every goal. To all these people, of whom you see only the five here, while we are many more, I want to say a big thank you! Each one separately and all of you are indispensable and precious to me, you are my family, my beautiful everyday life, my company and of course you are my priority in everything I, first of all, have to be aware of. I also thank the people who stand by my “child” as well as those who believe in it and help it grow and make progress. And perhaps the biggest thank I owe to all of you who care for it, criticize it and you help it become better and better, you, who admire it and watch it progressing month by month as it has become part of your life. I am grateful to you, you do make me joyful and happy. I wish IQbeaute to continue with even more inspiration the new year of its life, with even more creative ideas, bigger and more secure steps with even more friends close to it. And I will always be supportive and encouraging for every step it takes and every goal it sets! Also, something relevant to this issue of our birthday that has to do with its slogan: we rock! Why; Because so does the soul of the team feel! This is our daily pulse and we’d like it to share it with you and urge you to adopt a more dynamic expression of life, absolutely feminine and at the same time very down to earth. So, we have created together with Phyto Paris, the leading and renowned international French hair care brand, a cover and cover story that reminds us that the beauty of every woman is unique and has character, it has soul … we at IQbeaute support that this beauty has intelligence and I think that after being with us for two years, you know well what I mean … So, for the many happy years we wish to have together, let them all be more beautiful and creative! Mania Bousmpoura

From left to right I’m embraced with Evi Georgiou, our beautiful beauty editor, Vivian Giannakopoulou, our cool director in the commercial dept, Christina Spantidaki, the artist, our wonderful creative art director, Miltiadis Panagopoulos, our art director and Alexandra Tryfonos, tres chic, our glamorous fashion editor. Behind the camera is Fotis Karapiperis, our favorite photographer. But many of us are missing … our two Annas, Vanessa, Evelina, Tina and Iliada, Panayota and Yiota, Athena, Natasa, Hara, Maria, Giorgos, Dimitris, Kostas, Kostis and certainly Charis! You will get to know most of them very soon in another article about our birthdays!

Our team has become more beautiful with the make up by Julie Beveratou!
Our cake is a sweet Poulette creation