Professional exfoliation at home…

Our beauty editor puts under the «microscope» the new product by Darphin, L’Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel, which offers professional exfoliation at home, and she writes down her impressions in detail.

By Evi Georgiou

I want my skin to be and look beautiful, radiant and youthful without imperfections. The first signs of aging, environmental pollution and fatigue concern me, like any woman, since they slow down the natural process of cell renewal of the skin. So, I believe that exfoliation is an absolute must skin care, as it refreshes the outer skin layer, enhances the natural cell renewal process and prepares the skin in the best way for the rest of the care. So, an effective product for professional exfoliation at home would be ideal for me!
Darphin, as if it read my thoughts, added to the collection of special care products one more special product, L’Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel, promising professional exfoliation at home. Of course, I couldn’t but try it on and share my experience with you.
The L’Institut Youth Resurfacing Peel offers unique radiance as well as softness and it can be compared with a scrub having low glycolic acid content, which does not cause any irritation. It cleanses deeply and exfoliates the skin effectively removing dead skin cells, dirt but also sebum.

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