A story of jewels


A story full of beauty, contrasts, inspiration and luxury. A story full of beauty , contrasts, inspiration and luxury. These are the aspects of the course of action of Ioanna Souflias, the jewelry creator who started from Athens, studied in London, lives in Paris and is ready to conquer the whole world.

by Anna Fenertzian

How and when did your passion for jewelry begin? My relationship with jewelry began during my studies at the Law School of Athens. In between the two volumes of Law and during the examination period I felt for the first time an unknown energy overwhelming me. An inner excitement which found its way out through my hands. Using whatever materials I could find at my disposal and having just my hands as my only guide as well as my raw materials I began to make my first jewelry. Next came my enrollment at the Mokume school in Athens and later followed my studies at the Central Saint Martins in London.

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