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FeminineBoudoir.gr completes three successful years and as it is motivated by its readers, its inspiration is being reflected this year in the pages of My Feminine Boudoir Pleasure Calendar 2016. «At various times “Boudoiristas” asked me to collect the texts existing in the Feminine Boudoir and include them in a book in order to remind them of the important, essential, authentic things. So I decided to start with the ‘inspiring’ female calendars enclosing the point of Feminine Boudoir» says the creator Claire Venouka, who in her introduction of the calendar recommends that we should set new goals without ignoring the most important thing, to enjoy every moment! We can buy My Feminine Boudoir Pleasure Calendar 2016 for us or for our best friend, choosing among six enjoyable shades full of femininity: lemon bliss