Skinexpert.gr and the beauty!


Mania Bousmpoura, Skin Care Expert of L’Oréal Paris, talks to us about the successful site skinexpert.gr, which for the first time in Greece brought women closer to the actual needs of their skin. We learn about the changes of the site and the new trends about our skincare!

By Evi Georgiou

Skinexpert.gr was on the air for the first time last May. This is an online diagnosis of our skin that we can have while enjoying the comfort of home any time we want. By answering some very simple questions, we can readily understand our skin type and its needs but also we can find our personal care system. Additionally, there are further tips and videos by experts about the products proposed every time. Valia Mousatou, dermatologist and scientific collaborator of L’Oréal Paris, gives useful information on the substances of the products and their effects.
Mania Bousmpoura, as a journalist specializing in beauty and Skin Care Expert of L’Oréal Paris, gives advice on the proper use of the products and she reveals treatment secrets. So, as this is completely free of charge and allows every woman, without any stress, to have all the information she needs. And, as it was expected, this site, being the only one of its kind, met a great success and was much loved by women. Now, it comes with new data and changes that offer many additional surprises to every woman individually. I met Mania at Studio Verve and there, during her shooting for the skinexpert.gr, I talked with her and learned a lot!
Talk to me about skinexpert.gr, I can see how excited you are!
I think that Skinexpert.gr by L’Oréal Paris is a unique beauty experience and I am very proud that I have participated in this, in my way! You, also, know that each one of my projects is a creative part of my life that I am always passionate with it.

Why should a woman visit
For the first time she will be able to understand on her own the real needs of her skin and find the right products for her daily care. So, the next time she will buy cosmetics, she will choose the right ones and she will see a considerable difference in her appearance by using them. It’s like having an expert on her side 24 hours per day giving her advice for free. And considering the success that the site has met from the first moment, I believe that the creation of this beauty tool was wise!

What is changing now?
I would say that there is now an even more personal approach. We come closer to every woman individually. First of all, you can buy now the products, that are ideal for your skin and its needs, directly through the site, if you really wish so. Moreover, since it was found that women want answers to their specific questions, every month we have a LIVE chat on twitter where I answer to each one individually. But things have been changed concerning the use of the site, too. For example, when having the diagnostic test, you have now the opportunity to choose more than one answer and in this way the diagnosis as well as the advice you are given are even more specialized.

And what else?
A blog was created where I will write regularly and I will reveal beauty secrets about moisturizing, cleansing as well as anti-aging. I will answer directly, i.e., on what concerns women today regarding their daily facial care. Moreover, I have to remind you, Evi, that we had received a request about that in IQBeauté, through a test our readers had had. They were asking to read more about their skin care on skinexpert.gr.

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