A wonderful Parisian beauty story

Delightful formulations, fine perfumes, alluring and elegant wrap … with the accuracy of the pharmaceutical research. Galenic is the leading French company that brings beauty to the pharmacy!

By Mania Bousmpoura

Paris… End of the decade of 70s

The story begins in Paris in the late 1970s. Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist and inventor of skincare cosmetics, envisioned a brand which combines the prestige of the pharmaceutical field with the finesse of the beauty world. Thanks to his knowledge about the preparation of cosmetic formulations, he created high quality cosmetics. This is how it started and continues until today… a wonderful Parisian beauty story.  

Galenic and Galenical Science

The name Galenic comes from the Galenical science, which has its roots in antiquity and is behind the creation of cosmetics. The purpose of the galenic pharmacy is to find the appropriate composition so that the active substance takes effect on skin to the maximum extent and achieves the aim of the cosmetic. Motivated by his creative passion, Pierre Fabre was inspired by this pharmaceutical expertise and he applied it in the world of cosmetics. In 1977, he created Galenic and he put at its heart the Galenical science, the art of preparing cosmetic formulations with customized features. So, he was always reminding of his philosophy, that beauty is not just promises, but the effective application of scientific knowledge and expertise. The name Galenic was immediately recognized by professionals in the cosmetic industry for its originality and the high quality of its products.

The High Art of Making Cosmetics

With the heritage of unique expertise that passes down from generation to generation, Galenic creates and produces high quality cosmetics. The discovery of the suitable active ingredient is the first important step in the creation of a cosmetic. But for Galenic, science does not stop there, as the suitable composition which maintains the efficacy of the active ingredient must be invented. This is a challenge for the Research Center of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories in southern France, where the top creators of Galenic work every day with imagination and methodically in order to create new cosmetic formulations. The result is a combination of accuracy of the dosage, the effectiveness of the composition and the feeling of the final product so that the best is ensured for every woman.

1st Beauty Step, Lotion de Soin, or otherwise the skin preparation. A step that it would be described as an effectiveness booster of all the cares that follow. 2nd Beauty Step, the serum, that is the most effective in skincare. It contains a maximum concentration of active ingredients, and thanks to its composition it penetrates into the heart of the cells and offers impressive results of skin f renewal. 3rd Beauty Step, a day cream, the necessary care. It moisturizes, protects and offers a sense of comfort all day long. 4th Beauty Step, the care with colour, the final touch! It highlights skin covering imperfections and it offers a consistent colour. 5th Beauty Step, the valuable night care. It offers intensive care throughout the night in order to ensure beautiful skin when we wake up.

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