Boost your skincare


Combining your creams with the right FREZYDERM Cream Boosters Velvet Concentrate, you enhance your daily skin care according to the season and needs and you achieve the ideal anti-aging and moisturizing care exclusively for you!

By Mania Bousmpoura Photo: Fotis Karapiperis Makeup: Apostolos Marinopoulos Hair: Dora By Vangelis Hatzis Assistant Photographer: Panagiotis Karetsos

When we photograph a beauty theme in the studio, I always have a great pleasure because I love the process. Especially when it has to do with highlighting something groundbreaking and very drastic in skincare. So today, I found myself in the studio for a very strong trend in skin care, particularly effective. The Cream Boosters Velvet Concentrate introduced by FREZYDERM a few months ago is an innovative line of facial care, the personalized care for every type of skin and every age. In combination with our cream, the action of which they enhance, they create a very interesting “protocol” of everyday care, exclusive to any woman, capable of bringing about what she dreams of her face. So, you visit your favorite pharmacy, choose the Cream Booster that you think is ideal for what your skin needs at the time (everything is clear on the packaging) and for 10 days that every booster lasts, you use it systematically applying it before putting your cream. Isn’t it simple? After 10 days you choose, if you want, another booster with a different action. There are 14 Cream Boosters, with different qualities, each covering different needs of our skin. But today I suggest three specific combinations that I think are ideal. 1st Combination Super Booster + Moisturizing Plus Cream This combination is ideal for you, who at this time you need intensive hydration and so you want to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that have resulted from the dehydration of your skin. Super Booster enriches your daily cream with 25 active ingredients and activates the Youth Code to restore youthfulness. FREZYDERM Moisturizing Plus Cream is an intensive hydration cream for the face and neck with a rich, non-greasy texture. Their combination has great results! 2nd Combination Hyaluronic Acid Cream Booster + Anti-Wrinkle Rich Day Cream When there are anti-aging requirements, then daily care should be enhanced with strong combinations. I suggest that you combine Hyaluronic Acid Cream Booster, which enriches with bioactive hyaluronic acid the daily cream for strong hydration, with FREZYDERM’s Anti-Wrinkle Rich Day Cream, an excellent anti-wrinkle day cream with a firming and corrective effect on the face and neck. This will enhance the production of collagen and elastin, you will achieve strong hydration immediately, while wrinkles will “fill in” gradually from within!

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