Skinexpert.gr, my new addiction


Skinexpert.gr was created by L’Oreal Paris in order to help every woman who wants to learn how to take care of her skin effectively and I am very proud to have participated in this unique beauty experience in my own way!

By Mania Bousmpoura

This is an online diagnosis of our skin that we can have while being comfortable at home any time we want. By answering some very simple questions we can immediately identify the type of our skin and its needs but also find our personal care system. Of course, as you can see, much work has been done by experts so that this system can show the results which suit every woman! Additionally, there are some videos about the products proposed every time: Valia Mousatou, dermatologist and scientific partner of L’Oreal Paris, gives useful information on the ingredients of the products and their effects. I, myself, Mania Bousmpoura, as a beauty director in big women’s magazines for 20 years and now the editor of IQbeaute Magazine, but also as a Beauty Skin Care L’Oreal Paris consultant, I give advice on the proper use of the products and not only that! So, being completely free of charge and without any stress, every woman has all the information she needs, so the next time she buys cosmetics, she can choose the ones that meet her needs perfectly. And because every work I do is a creative part of my life that I love, I do not miss watching it while it is being developed. And, yes, I admit that I visit skinexpert.gr almost every day in order to see the changes in the content, the additions to the categories, the offers for more economical cosmetics bargains and much more.

As many of you, who have been following me for years, may know, I always want your opinion about everything I create or participate in. So, I’d like you to write your honest opinion about skinexpert.gr and send it to me at [email protected]. What do you think about this effort? Has it helped you? And how much? What else would you like to see through this site in the future? Do you find it easy to use? And feel free to ask for whatever you want… I will make sure that one of you will take by drawing the three products that suit her according to the test that she will do on the site. If you send me a screenshot with the results of your test, that would be even better. Otherwise, write to me which products are for you. I am anxiously looking forward to reading your messages with great joy. You know, the most beautiful thing I have won through my job, in all these years, is this unique contact with my readers who fill me with inspiration every time. Thank you very much for this inspiration!

Photos: Fotis Karapiperis, Studio Verve