Secrets for perfect skin!

Add to your daily nutritional program 7 foods for perfect skin and you will see the difference on your skin immediately.

  by Anna Maria Papiri It’s a fact that cosmetic products, when used correctly, can help our anti-aging routine treatment of acne and skin moisture. However, there are some foods that enhance radiance, youthful appearance and skin uniformity. Let’s include them in our daily diet! 1| Sweet potato. It offers enough water to the body keeping skin and cells hydrated. By adding to our diet fruits and vegetables of strong colors, such as sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach, that are rich in vitamin A, we enhance the quality of our skin color because its yellow and red tones are being improved.   2| Black Corinth raisins. Enhanced with antioxidants, like vanillin, well-known polyphenol in raisins, they control oxidative stress and its effects on premature aging. They also contain large amounts of trace elements, namely magnesium, zinc and potassium. They have vitamins A, E & C, well-known for their antioxidant activity and their positive impact on the skin quality.   3| Almonds. Rich in vitamin E, which strengthens the healthy appearance of the skin, protects it from dryness as well as damage caused by solar radiation and it nourishes the skin. They contain highly nutritious protein, which is the main structural component of muscles, hair and nails. We choose raw, unsalted almonds. -Almond milk (which we can easily make at home and keep in the fridge up to 4 days) contains unsaturated fats, vitamin E and it’s a good source of flavonoids. It is ideal for gently skin cleansing, especially if skin suffers from sensitivity. –Massage with almond oil cleans skin pores, treats lines and wrinkles and helps color tone uniformity.   4| Oily fish such as salmon (wild) and sardines. They provide body with biotin, a vitamin B complex with multiple action. It produces fatty acids and it metabolizes amino acids, which are the basic structural components of proteins. Lack of often makes our skin flake and lose uniformity.   5| Sunflower seeds. These tiny seeds are a terrific source of vitamin E, which protects the skin from damage due to the attacks of free radicals that develop in our organism or the external environment. Folic acid provides cells with energy. It’s important to remember that just 12 grams of seeds can cover 30% of the daily need of vitamin E by the organism.   6| Pomegranate. Pomegranate juice moisturizes while its vitamin C, well- known for its antioxidant action, protects skin from premature aging. Additionally, vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, which is a dominant structural component in our body, and vitamin D, that it also contains, refreshes our skin and offers great shine.   7| Complex carbohydrates. Processed foods and white flour increase inflammation and promote the development of defects as well as blemishes on the skin. So, we replace white pasta and rice with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, beans, barley, buckwheat. One more advantage? These foods have a low glycemic index and help us keep fit!



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