My Jowae world


The innovative French-Korean skincare brand Jowae, which recently came to Greece, is the ultimate modern beauty rite that brings out the radiance of our skin. Discover it with me, you will adore it!

By Alexandra Tryfonos Photographer: Fotis Karapiperis Assistant Photographer: Panayiotis Karetsos Hair: Vera Shkembi

The Asian trends in fashion, beauty and wellbeing succeed one another, focusing on those coming from Korea and troubling the status quo of the fashion and beauty rules of the world market. That’s why we hear more and more often the terms K-fashion and K-Beauty (where k = Korean). Studying these new terms and Korean trends I found out they’ve come in our lives to bring a fresh air. In terms of fashion, they have established vivid multi-colours and extreme combinations of many colours, minimalistic lines and unisex style, while in beauty the difference of characteristics is very distinct as well as the flawless radiance that is obvious on the Korean women. But where does this come from? The Korean devote daily time to the care process of their face, considering that their beauty is a sign of respect. Desiring a radiant and youthful skin, they follow every day a rite of care that includes many stages with countless products, focusing on thorough cleansing, deep hydration and high protection from solar radiation and pollutants. Their goal is my goal too! However, considering the time and money needed for a woman to follow this approach, I don’t think that it responds to her European everyday way of life. However, the arrival of the new skincare brand Jowae, based on an authentic French-Korean cooperation in phyto-cosmetology, is the perfect choice, as it is the ideal combination of Korean and European culture in the daily beauty care of every modern woman. From the first moment I was intrigued by the word Jowae (pronounced “cho-oua-e”) and especially its meaning, which is harmony. Then, I focused on the creation of the brand philosophy: Born from the vital need of our skin to restore and maintain its balance against the daily attacks it receives from environmental pollution, UV rays, fatigue and stress caused by the modern way of life, but finally retrieving its original youthful glamour. Thus, Jowae, using the traditional plants of the Asian pharmacopoeia, simplified in French laboratories the lengthy and multi-functional Korean rites of beauty, to offer us its quintessential only with four go-to steps: cleansing, preparation, activation and correction. The provided dermo-cosmetics specify and adapt to the dermatological needs of each woman, as they conceal in their compositions a common, pioneering and miraculous secret of beauty, the photo phenols of the plant Sempervivum Tectorum, known as the plant of immortality! The photo phenols are rich antioxidant substances with four powerful effects on our skin: protection, detoxification, restoration and radiance. So, learning all these details, I didn’t take much time to convince myself for the benefits of Jowae ‘s innovation and rushed to try my own 4 magic dermo-cosmetics, one for every step of my personal beauty rite, which now the time has come to share step by step with you!

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