10+1 tips for clear skin

One of the most important beauty secrets that prevent our skin of aging is to cleanse our face every day with the right moves using the right products.

by Giota Riga

Every day, pollutants and harmful toxins come into contact with our skin and they cause oxidative stress in the cells. That results in the creation of many skin problems such as dull skin, clogged pores and acne, appearance of capillaries, blemishes and discolorations, sensitive and intolerant skin. At the same time, studies show that this oxidative process destroys collagen and elastin but also it decreases collagen production and as a result the aging process accelerates. So, a good skin cleansing is absolutely necessary.

1. It is good for our skin to wash our face morning and evening but also after excessive sweating (e.g. sports). 2. Gently cleansing products are preferable even for oily skin. For oily and combination skin, cleansing products that contain fruit acids or salicylic are also suitable. Polyhydroxy acids are a class of non-irritant acids which can be used on non-oily skin. If we have dry skin, we can cleanse it once a day, in the evening. Sensitive and intolerant skin requires specialized gently cleansers without fragrance. After washing, we should not feel our skin dry or sensitive. If this happens, we need a milder product. 3. We use tepid water. Very cold or hot water makes skin dry. 4. We pour some cleanser in our hands and by adding a little water we create foam – we never apply the cleanser directly to the face. 5. We cleanse the entire face with our fingers and gentle circular movements. 6. We do not rub our skin because we may cause irritation and dryness. 7. We rinse in water. 8. We wipe with gently tapping moves using a soft towel. 9. We never use our shampoo or shower gel to wash our face. They have a different composition and their pH is not suitable for facial skin 10. At the end, we can spray our skin with thermal water because it has beneficial properties (it calms, balances and moisturizes) and we dab gently.


Panagiota Riga Dermatologist-Venereologist and scientific associate of IQbeaute magazine

Clarisonic is a revolutionary device that is recommended by dermatologists worldwide for proper skin cleansing. It consists of a brush-head embedded in a special handle. Its operation is based on ultrasound causing brief and very rapid reciprocating movements of the brush. It does not rub but also it does not irritate the skin. Utilizing skin elasticity, it manages to cleanse the pores and skin of sebum as well as all toxic and grimy substances. Clinical studies have confirmed that within a minute Clarisonic cleanses 6 times better and removes 30 times more harmful substances than washing by hand. It is suitable for all skin types, all ages, both women and men. It has recently won the title of anti-aging device in America.


Credit: Cover Picture from Pinterest