Discover the right products for your skin

For the first time we can understand the real needs of our skin and find the right products for our daily skin care. So, next time we buy cosmetics, we can choose the right ones and see an important difference in our appearance. And all these at just one click!

Skinexpert.gr was created by L’Oreal Paris in order to help every woman who wants to learn how to take care of her skin effectively. This is an online diagnosis by experts that we can visit staying comfortable at home any time we want. Answering some very simple questions we can immediately understand our skin type and its needs but also find our personal care system. Moreover, we can watch videos about the proposed products by two experts: Valia Mousatou, Dermatologist and Science Partner of L’Oreal Paris, gives useful information on the ingredients of the products and their action, and Mania Bousmpoura, our editor, Beauty Director but also Beauty Consultant of Skin Care L’Oreal Paris, gives advice on the proper use of the products and not only this! Thus, being completely free and without any stress, we have all the information we need so that next time we want to buy cosmetics we choose the right ones which cover perfectly our needs. Read more in IQ April issue