Premium La Cure της Lierac

Lierac Mania Bousmpoura

A «premium» look is an occasion for celebration, and not just that. Because every woman knows better than anyone else when she really needs to offer herself the best. And then, a luxurious and deeply revitalizing beauty care, such as Lierac Laboratories’ Premium La Cure, is her non-negotiable choice.

By Mania Bousmpoura Photos: Fotis Karapiperis Makeup: Maria Marouga, Freddy Make Up Stage Hair: Vera Skhembi Assistant Photographer: Panayiotis Karetsos

Every year just before Christmas I need to feel that I take care of myself in a more special way, to see myself in fairy-tale pictures, with a golden glow, to enjoy a luxurious environment, to dress more formally, to wear a beautiful jewel and to touch my face by looking at it in the mirror as if it were an invaluable treasure. Don’t I deserve it? Doesn’t each of us deserve to see herself like that and become the protagonist of the most beautiful fairy tale? But how do we control the signs of stress, the result of the intense daily routine, which make us look tired? I do not know if it has happened to you, but I have found myself in front of the mirror and, instead of the «princess of the fairy tale,» I see Mania exhausted, as if I have suddenly become aged. This can also occur after an illness, a sudden worry or a hormonal change. In such periods of our life of «sudden aging», but also every time we look for a very special anti-aging care that will revive our face instantly – within 28 days in total – it is worth applying Lierac Premium La Cure Absolute Anti-aging! A golden, luxurious and precious care product that hides in its composition the technology that can instantly revive our skin, as well as the secrets that stir up a torrent of senses from its very first application. Lierac Premium, as you may already know, is a series of anti-aging that combines the power of nature with the power of science. Speaking of Premium Lierac we refer to exceptional, effective compositions that correct all the signs of aging, wonderful textures, perfumes and packaging that refer to the extraordinary French luxury. They are intended for women with high standards of skin care. Now Premium comes to respond to the phenomenon of «sudden aging» that I described with Premium La Cure, which has immediate and visible rejuvenation effects on our face.

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