GLOV: Removing makeup with… a glove!


Our beauty editor, Evi Georgiou tried on an incredibly clever cleanser and she writes down her impressions…

by Evi Georgiou

I cannot hide from you my obsession with flawless skin. I think that it is the most important beauty weapon and I absolutely believe that every investment in it is more than imperative. Proper cleansing is the most important thing from which all starts. Due to my profession, I try on everything: foams, oils, creams, balms, wipes, lotions, cleansing waters. And I will be honest, there are days when I use normal products for my face cleansing. But there are also days when I come back from the office and as I am incredibly tired I simply cannot follow this process. But these days I cannot think of not cleansing my face. Makeup, dirt, sweat should go away, but in the easiest and most effective way. A truly unique product, GLOV, gave this solution which is changing everything in the makeup removal routine and the way we cleanse our face.


GLOV is a luxurious cleansing glove which cleanses the face with plain water in only one minute removing completely the makeup, even waterproof mascara, cleanses naturally the skin without containing chemicals and removes excess oil. All we have to do is to moisten the glove and remove gently the makeup without rubbing. What makes it different from other cleansing products is the fast but also highly effective cleansing- if you want to check how well it cleanses the skin, after its use apply a cotton pad moistened with cleansing water on your skin- its hypoallergenic composition that is suitable even for the most sensitive skins and finally its duration (it can be used more than 100 times!). It is available in 2 different sizes and you can only find it online at www.glov.gr or order it by calling 210-8056000!