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For us women, who want it all and want it fast, Lierac has the ultimate care solution through three one-month intensive treatments from its well-known and beloved series: the yellow Cica-Filler, the orange Mésolift and the golden Premium. How about you? What color are you?

by Eleftheria Nikou

Fast living pace, intense daily life, increased needs, multiple roles. We, women are living today dynamically, and the daily demands are constantly increasing. Among them, the requirement to be beautiful and glamorous at any age – a need that starts from us ourselves. No matter what others expect from us, we are the first to want to see a beautiful image every morning in our mirror and feel confident at every step. And because speed could not but affect the part of our care, we need something that acts immediately and has visible results on our skin. Lierac laboratories are well aware of this and recommend among the already favorite facial care lines a one-month intensive treatment that will give our skin the air of change and revitalization that it needs so much.

What is the one-month intensive care?
We would describe it as an opportunity to enhance the action of the products used daily in our skincare routine and a real care boost that instantly transforms the image of the skin. This is a program based on the daily use of a specially designed high-performance treatment, based exclusively on the needs of our skin. The one-month intensive treatment is recommended to be performed 2 to 3 times a year, at a time when every woman decides and feels the need to enhance her already selected beauty routine and give something more to her skin care.

Lierac brings us the one-month intensive treatment in its beloved series: the yellow ampoules of the Cica-Filler series for intensive anti-wrinkle action, the orange ampoules from the favorite Mésolift series that acts against fatigue and the top golden luxury serum La Cure of the Premium series that aims at the total anti-aging of the skin. All we have to do is choose our own color and trust it!


The 28-day youthfulness injection

To women whose experience and age leave strong marks on the skin, an “injection” of youthfullness is more than necessary. Hormonal changes, fatigue and time do not let the skin glow as it deserves, with the result being that even young women 35 years old worry about their image. For all those, even the most mature women, the fatigue and skin relaxation can now be corrected thanks to the intensive treatment of La Cure of the favorite and luxurious Premium series, which manages to regain the volume, rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. With Premium La Cure, within 28 days, the fresh and relaxed look is restored and every woman’s smile returns to make her even more beautiful.


A 30-day Anti-wrinkle treatment

All types of wrinkles, dehydration lines, expression wrinkles and signs of skin relaxation succumb to the power of the yellow series ampoule. The enhanced action of the 30-day intensive treatment Cica-Filler achieves healing and filling of wrinkles and is addressed to all women from 30 years old who are worried about their wrinkles, either for the existing ones or for those that will appear in the future. The result of the treatment is a visibly younger face, a smooth and rejuvenated skin and an enhanced self-confidence that matches the dynamism of that age.


A 30-day anti-fatigue care

The orange line of Lierac knows very well what it means to overwork the skin. Intensive lifestyle, workload, fast pace, and many more modern factors weaken the skin’s defense mechanisms and leave behind a dull, tired look. The vitamin “injection” offered by the Mesolift ampoule immediately restores the radiance, the uniform tone and the vitality of the skin. It’s a mesotherapy that you apply yourself at home. Its composition contains a pure vitamin C 15% that is activated during its first use and lasts for 15 days.
It is an ideal treatment for women aged 28 and over and can be easily included into the beauty routine, applying it before or after the cream and giving it the opportunity to reveal our most beautiful self.

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