The Secret of the total anti-aging care

With Nuxuriance®Ultra, the new line of total anti-aging by Nuxe, we treat deep wrinkles, looseness of the oval shape of the face, density loss, loss of radiance and colour tone. This is a luxury skin care line that combines technological innovation, the most active components of nature and the most enjoyable textures. We invest in it, because we want the best for our skin!

By Mania Bousmpoura

Its innovative composition

The laboratories of NUXE chose an innovative technology to enhance the capacity of mature skin to regenerate. Thus, unlike the “classical” plant cells, which are isolated by a single plant, the plant cells in Nuxuriance®Ultra are a result of enclosing active molecules from saffron blossom into a bougainvillea cell in order to form an “intelligent” active herbal complex with targeted and continuous action. It is about technology inspired by the action of drugs, which, in order to be effective, their active substance should achieve its goal but also be released slowly in order to act for many hours.

The complete line

It includes 5 daily care products and 1 mask. All the products have unique and highly enjoyable textures as well as a sweet addictive scent coming from the harmonious combination of orange and raspberry blossom on a woody-musky base.


Nuxuriance® Ultra Ultra light textured cream and
Nuxuriance® Ultra Rich textured cream

The basic daily care in two different textures (for normal / mixed skin and dry / very dry skin).

Nuxuriance® Ultra Mask  Roll On

Innovation for extra results. Suitable for every skin.

Nuxuriance® Ultra Eye Cream

Specialized care for eyes and lips.

Nuxuriance® Ultra Serum

The first step for any type of skin morning and evening.

Nuxuriance® Ultra Night Cream

Daily night care.

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The impressive results

The new line of total anti-aging by Nuxe has proved to achieve the stimulation of skin cell renewal, both of the keratinocytes (in the skin) and fibroblasts (deeply in the skin). At the same time, it strengthens the basic actions of fibroblasts, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid composition, as well as the strengthening of the supporting skin complex. Therefore, through the systematic use for a month, it achieves impressive anti-aging action results: wrinkles seem to be filled, the skin looks renewed and its natural radiance is being restored, facial features appear to be lifted and the oval shape of the face seems to be reshaped.

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Nuxuriance®Ultra is a gift to ourselves… that it is worth enjoying every day!