We face our first wrinkles with “pink glasses”!

Our daily skin care is very decisive for the look of the skin. After 30, we choose the kind of care which will wipe the first wrinkles while at the same time it will preserve the shine of the skin in the most natural way.

By Mania Bousmpoura

Nuxe has been focusing on the special needs of this age for years. “We’ve been among the first to dare speak of the first wrinkles, known as expression wrinkles, but mainly among the first to offer a series of care designed to reduce the tension related to natural face moves expressions “, says Aliza Jabes, president of the Nuxe company. Nuxe has discovered a natural active ingredient which gave rise to the creation of the Nirvanesque® range of products: The extract made from the root of the plant peony. Nirvanesque® combines anti-stress action with a nerve-relaxing effect and so succeeding in bringing about skin results very similar to those of botox in a natural way. So, from the age of 30 we can start making use of these products and face the first wrinkes with “pink glasses”!

The Natural Solution by Nirvanesque®

What are the characteristics of this Nirvanesque range of products which totally distinguish it in the market? Why should we choose this product range? Its anti-stress action, thanks to its condensed extract made from the root of the plant peony ( a brand new patent exclusive by Nuxe) prolongs the life span of the enkephalin i.e the molecules of wellness. It has an anti-stress action, thanks to a complex of seeds of the bleu lotus, poppy seeds and althea root which, being part of this exclusive by Nuxe patent, drastically reduce skin microcontractions. Each one of these actively drastic ingredients is part of the exclusive by Nuxe patent.  

  • A carefully selected name signifying euphoria.
  • Dreamy texture encouraging penetration of the active ingredients and making its application very pleasurable.
  • A sense captivating fragrance prompting us to experience the absolute serenity.
  • Effective results are proved by scientific studies and verified by female volunteers. The face calms and its features look no longer tensed. The skin glows and the first expression lines become smoother.
  • A new, ecologically designed vase, responding to environmental concerns of the 21st century women consumers.
  • A highly specialized product range satisfying all skin types.


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NIRVANESQUE® LIGHT for mixed skin A fine and ethereal cream, enriched with powder made of rice, designed for those who prefer a matte finish.
NIRVANESQUE® for normal skin Soft texture, enriched with wild rose oil.
NIRVANESQUE® ENRICHIE for dry to very dry skin Soft and velvety cream enriched with nourishing Macadamia oil.
NIRVANESQUE® YEUX for the eyes Fine, non-greasy cream enriched with light reflectors for the area around the eyes, looking more calm and relaxed day by day.
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