Bridal Look

We discovered the most elegant bridal makeup that will make you shine and win the impressions! You just note… «Bobbi Brown».

By Evi Georgiou

We love and trust Bobbi Brown completely for our makeup, because it praises and glorifies the feminine natural beauty creating an elegant result that becomes distinguished without special effort. It is undoubtedly the master of nude look, which is why many of its suggestions are a source of inspiration for every future bride who dreams of becoming the protagonist of her own fairy tale. The beautiful, porcelain and healthy skin, the flashes on the face combined with the easy to see neutral shades, the well-shaped eyebrows and the sexy lips that “dress up” in either innocent or bright colours are the recipe for success for every woman, let alone a bride. The truth is that we got crazily inspired and enthusiastic by the bridal looks that the lead makeup artist of Bobbi Brown Hannah Martin created for the bridal Collection of the designer Jenny Packham. If you also love natural look, its unparalleled elegance and its dynamics, I suggest you invest in soft, fresh and natural makeup with a dose of glam, based on flawless skin, soft pink glossy lips, natural eyebrows and golden and bronze shades on the eyes. Look for the ideal bridal look at Bobbi Brown’s boutique in Glyfada, where you can book a direct date for the makeup on your wedding day (how perfect!) and a wedding dress trial! There you can also learn through quick «How to» lessons to apply the perfect makeup yourself (very practical for those who get married on an island), and with the right products you can be absolutely ready for the big day. Unique ideas and impressive, modern looks that adapt to your personality, style and preferences are created in collaboration with the makeup experts of the brand, in order to climb the steps of the church full of shine and confidence. Book your appointment at Bobbi Brown Boutique immediately and enjoy this unique beauty experience!