MAC in Monochrome

MAC in Monochrome

The global senior artist of MAC, Alexandra Spyridopoulou, reveals everything about the new MAC collection in Monochrome sharing with us secrets that help us to depict the absolute monochromatic makeup of the season. By Alexandra Tryfonos

Why does MAC propose this monochromatic makeup style this year? We saw the monochrome trends in clothes and makeup prevailing in the shows! The idea is to create a makeup look that is characterized by a game of a different style and technique, using only one hue. The MAC in Monochrome collection is inspired by 6 iconic MAC lipsticks (Diva, Ruby Woo, See Sheer, Velvet Teddy, Candy Yum-Yum, Heroine) and suggests a complete picture of monochromatic makeup with shades, blushes and lip glosses of the same hue to women they like to experiment. What do you recommend in order to avoid a plain or dangerously bold outcome? Emphasize a feature of your face with the maximum yield of the colour you have chosen (eyes or lips), while on the rest of the face the colour should be placed lighter. Also, for a more balanced make up look, use products with different textures, such as matte, gloss glitter, metallic.


Do not emphasize more than two features of your face.

# Monochromatic makeup looks more interesting when there is contrast to technique. That is, if the eye makeup is linear, lips may not be applied on the same linear technique and colour may freer and more diffused (e.g. lipstick without outline or gloss).

# The colour you use will have different intensity and different textures in the features you have chosen to emphasize.

You will find them in all stores and at maccosmetics.gr.