Freddy make up stage


This is the Greek makeup artist who has been to the most famous fashion weeks in Paris, London and New York. He has put his personal stamp on the successful start of MAC in Greece. He has been the artistic director of the biggest beauty brands. He has cooperated with the major women’s magazines and, of course, has attended to the makeup of many stars and famous women in the world. Freddy Kalompratsos has also been, for years an excellent makeup teacher, with his “kids” being the most sought after professionals thanks to the knowledge that he has equipped them with. We talked with him and learned a lot…

By Mania Bousmpoura

Freddy is not just a famous makeup artist. He is an artist with a unique talent, inexhaustible energy, creativity and glamour. Most important of all, however, is that, after so many years of success and an enviable career, he remains a wonderful man. I visited him at Freddy Make up Stage, his school. I was sure that the philosophy of this school would be totally different from any other, but I wanted to see it and verify it with my own eyes. So, one day when the students of Freddy were about to present one of their creative works, I got there early and “lost” myself in a bouquet of unique talents … So, within this feverish creativity, I was able to talk with him.

You constantly move in the world of beauty and fashion for years and you have run a very important course. How has this voyage influenced you?
It has made me more mature and has helped me see my art in a different way, while I have, for sure, become a better person.

In 2005, you founded the Freddy Make Up Stage. From here the biggest names, currently employed in the makeup world, began their careers. To what do you attribute this huge success of your school?
I’ve created a school of thought, not just a school. A 25 year old gathering of knowledge and my desire to convey it was the starting point. In 2000, I started setting up the MAC cosmetics company in Greece. As I was unable to find the right makeup artists to employ for the school, I decided to train people on the basis of my criteria and my experience while bearing in mind the needs of the female consumers. The success of MAC, finally, came as a result of the feasible combination of products with the right professionals. I made this success a recipe-for-school.

Here attend future professional makeup artists and hair stylists as well as beauticians. Can someone be taught all these fields at the same time?
According to my philosophy, you can’t indulge into three specialized fields of study in the same or parallel period of time. Knowledge can’t be a “package”!

If someone dreams of an international career, how can he be helped here in order to escape the confines of Greece?
Through the profound knowledge provided by us on the art selected. This is what makes you become unique and excel in Greece and abroad. And don’t forget that knowledge is freedom. Many of our students are abroad and make an international career like Vasilis Theotokis in MAC of London, Gregory Pyrpylis in the Calliste Agency, one of the biggest agencies worldwide, in Paris, Elena Perdikomati in America, Vivian Katsari in London.

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