The Beauty Blender miracle


It is the most favourite makeup tool of top make up experts. In the biggest shows, it is starring backstage as it applies every product perfectly. We reveal all the secrets you need to know about the best use of it!

by Evi Georgiou

1. Before each use, you should soak Beautyblender for a better application. This way it does not absorb the makeup but it allows it to “stand” better on it.

2. Apply the foundation with gentle patting moves. This will help you ensure longer duration and a flawless finish. 3. It is advised to change your Beauty Blender every three months. Do not neglect to clean it with liquid detergent or a soap bar. After having soaked it, cover it with detergent and rinse in hot water. Do not rub it, just press hard. 4. Keep it in its packaging, this will protect it from being exposed to germs which will be transferred to your face. 5. Avoid using it with toxic products containing alcohol or acetone, because its fibers are broken. 6. Abroad, Beautyblender is available in three colors, each one of them has a different purpose. The pink one is ideal for the application of every product, the black one for darker shades of fond de teint, bronzers as well as self tanners and the white one was made especially for serums and creams.

You will find BeautyBlender exclusively at Sephora.