London Calling

We learn about the new trend in hair color that dominates London, grey silver hair, but also the hot spots in town for shopping and gourmet pleasures.

gray-21The hairdresser’s has always been and always will be one of my favorite pastime activities in any city that I may be . I have a fixed appointment for hairstyling on Friday morning at 11, as soon as I finish pilates. The girls who work in the salon and I have almost become friends. We discuss about our husbands who don’t like short hair, the holidays that we plan, about the films we have seen at the cinema…

But what’s most important for all these bright colors is using a silver shampoo that gives shine to the color

For today I had arranged to have my hair cut. I entered the salon and I hardly recognized them. Funda was blonde, who was a brunette last time I saw, while Shade, who was once blonde, was smiling at me playfully showing her electric-blue hair. “Why are you looking at me like that? This year all the crazy colors and especially pastel shades are in fashion. Pink and blue have become very popular. Imagine that if we do our hair ombre, we no longer choose blonde or a lighter shade of brown, but a striking color.” Shade explained everything to me in a few words, except for what made Funda become blonde… She, as if she had guessed my question, told me: “Don’t think that I will continue to be blonde. It’s just a transition until my hair becomes silver gray, which is so hot!” “But why blonde first?” I wondered. “First, it needs bleaching and then with the toner it turns into the color we want, and that’s gray now. But what’s most important for all these bright colors is using a silver shampoo that gives shine to the color” she explained to me. “Only God knows what I’m going to hear about the haircut… maybe a short one a la garcon?” I wondered. Thankfully I soon found out that the new trend is hair slightly layered in a long frame reaching the shoulders. I felt relieved.

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2 | The truth is that when I walk down the street I like browsing at windows as much as noticing people who very often reveal high taste and sophistication. Recently, I have found out another way to be informed on the latest trends of fashion: I visit Liberty, the department store located in Regent Street since 1875. It maintains its traditional image both externally and internally, since it’s all lined with wood and it manages to host the latest fashion and the best and most expensive fashion designers. Cosmetics have a dominant position in Liberty, too. I have come across exceptional brands, doctor’s brands but also natural or organic cosmetics. Among them, Greek cosmetics Korres play a significant part!

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3 | While buying cosmetics at Selfridges, in the heart of Oxford Street in London, I notice a small elevator with wood paneling on the door. It attracts my attention and I go closer. A cute young lady explains that it leads to the fifth floor only, where the new restaurant of the department store is, which is called Vintage Salt. As soon as I go out of the elevator, I’m no longer in noisy London anymore, but in a small restaurant in a beach somewhere in Cornwall. The smell of fish, the decoration that clearly refers to an island, the mariniere worn by the waiters, even the menu make me forget that … I’m not two steps from the sea. logo

Backstage Photos: Yannis Vlamos, pixelformula.com