Kure Bazaar τα non toxic βερνίκια νυχιών που αγαπάμε

Kure Bazaar

In the GB Spa of the luxurious hotel «Grande Bretagne» I enjoyed a unique Kure Bazaar manicure and an excellent care from KOS Paris, that gave me the great luxury of a non toxic and French chic beauty experience.

By Alexandra Tryfonos Photo: Fotis Karapiperis Assistant Photographer: Panagiotis Karetsos

When you want to spoil yourself and spend a few moments of luxurious beauty, care and wellbeing, in the most reliable and effective way, then your destination in Athens is undoubtedly the GB Spa of the historic hotel «Great Britain», a jewel in the Syntagma Square. A spa that for years has been distinguished for its unique environment, but also for its high-level of services, experienced professionals, the best brands worldwide in the field of spa, and the exclusive services for the face and body, aiming at the absolute and holistic rejuvenation. Two excellent brands from the «precious menu of beauty» of GB Spa, the Kure Bazaar and KOS Paris, with the common denominator the French natural identity of luxury, were the main reason why I visited it. I wanted to live a uniquely holistic beauty experience, starting with the care of my nails, continuing with the care of my face and completing it with a wonderful full body massage. The wonderful manicure experience I had from Kure Bazaar, I must say, has nothing to do with what I’ve so far tried. The luxury brand adored by the most elegant Parisian women and which dominates the backstage of famous fashion catwalks (Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Mugler etc.) has been established internationally, as it combines perfectly the friendly to the body and to environment composition with nuances that follow the trends of fashion. Every nail polish Kure Bazaar Paris has a pioneering and innovative «10 Free» composition, i.e. it is significantly free of chemical substances. It contains ingredients of natural origin up to 90% and is enriched with bamboo extract and vitamin E. It maintains the vitality of the nails with respect to their natural regeneration cycle, without compromising on quality. Their durability, shine and glow are excellent. You will immediately understand the different philosophy of this brand from the first moment you see the beautician open, in front of you, The Natural Manicure Ritual, the sealed envelope that contains all the necessities for the dry manicure that will be applied to your nails (no water used) and that will definitely change your view on the manicure quality! And when time comes to pick a color, I’m sure you’ll be as difficult as I am, since you’ll have to choose between 70 different wonderful shades. I chose the Cherie shade and I loved the result! It’s such a vivid and bright color, with so much duration, as I discovered in the days following. I was very surprised! And also, something unique: the polish you choose will be applied by a new packaging, which will be opened for you, and you will take it with you when you leave! I don’t think it’s in any other brand something similar as that. But of course, when we talk about the French luxury Kure Bazaar and Gb Spa you expect nothing less but similar benefits!

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