Elena Skoura


A sincere dynamic woman with principles, with respect to her «heritage». The managing director in the highly successful family affair known to us as SkourasMed proves to us once again that quality and success in providing services are never coincidental as they always hide very hard work behind.

By Mania Bousmpoura
Photos: Fotis Karapiperis

I met Elena at SkourasMed in Kolonaki, in Iraklitou Street, in a really wonderful place, where I asked her to tell me a lot about her, SkourasMed and the treatments they apply. What impressed me in our discussion was her sincere answers but also her deep knowledge of the subject. Elena is the CEO of a company that has been operating for 25 years, with the quality stamp of the highly reputed doctors of the Skoura family. The father, Thanasis Skouras, is the famous otolaryngologist surgeon who raised the issue of functional rhinoplasty in Greece very seriously. The mother, Athena Skoura, pulmonologist-oncologist and current scientific director of SkourasMed, was the one who laid the foundations for the operation of this place, while Elena’s brother, Georgios Skouras, is an excellent plastic surgeon.

Elena, how helpful, or perhaps a heavy burden, has the important career and recognition of your parents been in medicine, in the operation of SkourasMed but also in the exercise of your duties as a managing director?
I understand my parents’ successful name every day at work through the respect that our patients have for them. The worthy continuation of this name is certainly a great responsibility for me, and I’ll certainly not betray the expectations that arise from it, but, indeed, it is an even greater blessing. I start each day proud of the place in which I work, of everything it represents and of all the lives we have touched over the years.

What are your principles and philosophy that have made SkourasMed stand out in their 25-year career?
My mother used to say that she wants us to look in the eyes the people who trust us, not only when they first enter our place, but also when we finish their treatments. I believe that this encompasses all the individual principles that differentiate us: the high quality of our treatments and equipment, the constant pursuit of innovation, the cultivation of realistic expectations and our consistency towards our patients, the deep love we have for the people according to the oath of Hippocrates.


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