Chiara Ferragni How to copy her style

Chiara Ferragni

They do not call her unjustly “chameleon”. The 31-year-old Italian influencer with the look of a model is changing looks according to her mood, proving that fashion is above all a matter of mood. Here’s how you can adopt her famous style.

By Vanna Antonopoulou Photos: Chiara Ferragni/Instagram

If you do not know the name of Chiara Ferragni, it is most likely that you have been living in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet for the last ten years, since 2009, the year that the young Italian decided to launch The Blonde Salad blog, the non-stop success of which in the fashion industry has been accomplished at a really geometric progress. With a look of a model, a business mind and a special sense of style, the talented Chiara is at 31 years the artistic director of a highly successful line of clothes and accessories, while she continues to develop the content of her blog with nearly 16 million (!) followers at Instagram and travels all over the world in collaboration with big fashion houses. It’s no coincidence that Forbes magazine ranked her on top of the list of the most influential fashion makers last year – as her revenue is about $ 10 million a year. Here, I would like to add that in 2018 she married her beloved one who is the father of her son, the Italian singer and mega star in the neighbouring country Fedez, wearing a dreamy Dior wedding dress (indeed, the covering of the preparation of the wedding ceremony through social media had a significant impact and was huge advertising for the famous French house). Further, she continues to be in the front row of fashion week shows and talks with well-known designers, photographers, businessmen and Hollywood stars. The icing on the cake? Chiara is also a graduate of Law…

Chiara Ferragni’s Style

What makes Chiara so influential in the fashion world is her ability to distinguish trends well before others and to incorporate them into her outfit without fear and passion. It is a fact that, apart from a strong sense of style, she has an equally intense disposition for experimentation, without betraying her personal style, though – bold and elegant, sophisticated and sexy.

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