Opportunity for a trip to London


Discount Season in London, with real opportunities and better prices in accommodation and tickets. If you want to make a trip this season, should it be your destination?

by Anna Dalla

I strongly believe that if you approach a Londoner and ask them to tell you spontaneously which month of the year they hate, the answer will be January and February. Probably March too. Why? Because there is nothing for them to look forward. The long-awaited Christmas season has passed, lights are turned off and everyone has consumed so much alcohol and food that the New Year’s resolution is to put an end to overdoing it… They will not succeed, but it is ok. So what are they waiting for? Saint Valentine’s Day (14/2) and … Easter. Even though it seems unbelievable, shops in London are being filled with chocolate bunnies as soon as the Christmas tree is removed… However, they are wrong. January, February and March are very interesting months. First of all, it’s the sales period and there are big discounts in shops until stocks last. The day gets longer, for example in December at 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon it is dark outside but now that this text is being written, at 4:30 in the afternoon, the sky is still bright. Also, there is a decline in tourist arrivals and as a result the airline tickets are cheaper. This is therefore an opportunity to visit London and take advantage of the offers and the opportunities that we see ahead.

Even at the hairdresser’s there is a 20% discount. That’s a nice opportunity for more regular visits and beauty treatments. Since we are talking about beauty, I want to reveal to you a good secret. Yesterday, after having straightened my hair, I complained to my hairdresser as usual about the fact that I have some white hairs near the parting that bother me and pointed that I have no intention of dying my hair. Then he suggested a product that I really loved. It looks like an eye shadow which is applied with a brush to the points where there are white hairs. It is available in various colors and it is so stable that it does not go off easily but only with shampooing. I am talking about Color Wow, Root Cover Up (www.colorwowhair.com).


While I was having my hair done, I had the chance to do my favourite Shellac manicure. “It’s addictive,” as my friend Rachel says. Four nails in the same colour (red) and the ring finger in a different one (silver) … It is a trend and I got carried away! But, if you are concerned about the fact that the skin around the nails is often dry, use some oil. Phenomen Oil by Jessica keeps my skin hydrated. I recommend it to you!


London Windows Pictures Yannis Vlamos