Pierre Fabre Experience

Pierre Fabre

Follow me on a trip of experience to Pierre Fabre in France and discover the company’s important history and the «materials» that are the basis of its present and future. Knowing that most of you have enjoyed the care of their products, I’m sure you will feel part of this special route!

By Mania Bousmpoura

When I found out that I’ll go to the Pierre Fabre premises, in France, I felt endless joy because there I would have the opportunity to see from very close focal points of a leading pharmaceutical company with great dermo cosmetic products. Pierre Fabre, with innovative solutions for skin and hair care, follows the top principle that requires beauty to be rooted in ethical rules. That’s why its brands have done such a brilliant international course of success. We, too, in Greece show our preferences in Greece to Avene, Galenic, Klorane, Rene Furterer, Elancyl, A-Derma, Ducray, Naturactive, Elgydium…. These are prominent brands with great history and so such a trip for any journalist of my expertise is more than desirable. I prepared my suitcase and with great enthusiasm I found myself at the airport as a member of a mission of totally 6 women. This is how the wonderful journey to the world of Pierre Fabre begun, as it was the inspired scientist Pierre Fabre who, with great love for the man and nature, has created this company group. We arrived at Montpellier in the evening and, through a beautiful countryside journey, we headed to Avene’s thermal facilities and to the “Eau Thermale Avene l’hotel”. Indeed, real magic. Looking at the view from my window the next morning, I was amazed by the natural beauty of the environment. We went on a tour to the thermal baths, learned the history of the brand, got to know the valuable composition of the thermal water and we discovered in practice the skin-friendly applications while we tried the thermal baths, where I found out that my skin was like velvet, as if an invisible film had transformed it. Naturally soothing, comforting and anti-irritant, Avene’s thermal water is the essential care for sensitive skin, but also for every type of skin that is faced daily with modern environmental threats. For this reason, it has been used for years in Avene cosmetics, offering skin protection, soothing and care. I was impressed by seeing recorded cases of people from all over the world – including many children – with skin diseases (such as severe dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis) treated by bathing in this healing water, which has all the accreditation of the French state and is constantly undergoing checks by the water Laboratory which is found next to the springs. If you want to visit it too, please contact it through the site www.avenecenter.com/fr/la-station. Then, crossing a river and walking on a very beautiful path, with the thick snow falling and with the fallen leaves on the ground creating a perfect natural carpet, we arrived at the Avene production unit. We were guided through the whole process and ended up in the room with all Avene cosmetics, many of which we already know and love in Greece, while many will come soon.

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