My derma… expert


The beauty expert of Bioderma, Pantelis Toutountzis, reveals secrets that will beautify our skin!

by Evi Georgiou

The moisturizer is (or should be) our daily basic beauty care. The reason is that with this, first of all, we protect our skin from external factors that threaten its health and appearance. But women, as we know, we have many demands… even from our moisturizer! We want much more than simple hydration which, the new range Hydrabio by Bioderma can offer us, as I learned watching the video that accompanies what I am writing. As the beauty expert of Bioderma, Pantelis Toutountzis, informed me, Hydrabio, apart from deep hydration, offers comfort, softness, radiance as well as visibly smoother appearance to the skin.

New generation HYDRABIO

Combination of radiance and sensational hydration!

When the skin is healthy and perfectly hydrated, its surface is smooth and reflects radiance consistently. This is the key to fresh and radiant skin. Our skin has its own mechanism for maintaining hydration. However, cold, dry air, stress, UV rays, fatigue, excessive or improper cleansing of the skin and certain medication are factors that affect this mechanism by encouraging water evaporation and hydration loss. The result? The skin dries out, it loses its radiance and fine dehydration lines appear. The action of Aquagenium® patent developed by Bioderma Laboratories enables the natural moisturizing agents to act properly. Imitating the moisturizing action of the skin, Aquagenium® patent restores the best functional ability of the skin. This innovation of Bioderma is the basis for the composition of Hydrabio range, in which active components have been added enhancing the skin radiance directly but also over time.


As you have seen (or I invite you to watch) in the video, the Hydrabio range by Bioderma is suitable for every woman thanks to its three different versions:

Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30 for all skin types, a truly magical product that I love. It directly transforms the skin offering softness, consistent tone and intense radiance. It also offers deep hydration and protection against premature aging thanks to SPF30 that it contains. Hydrabio Gel-Creme gentle hydration and intense radiance care, suitable for normal or mixed / oily skin. Hydrabio Creme moisturizing cream with rich texture for intense radiance, suitable for dry or very dry and dehydrated skin.

Photos: Ioanna Chatziandreou Photoshoot took place at Hilton Athens