Detox in a… Buzz way


Athena Panou is one of these interesting multifaceted personalities. She began as a civil engineer, she loved pastry, made it her profession and became one of the most famous Greek food bloggers. SugarBuzz, as it is also the name of her blog, has already written three books! I met her in order to elicit some healthy diet secrets, sweet sins without regrets but also detox tips!

By Evi Georgiou

What is your opinion about super foods? Do you think that they should accompany us during the day?
Super foods have become fashionable lately, but I got to know them a long time before that because I was searching for them in several sites and blogs abroad. I use them often because, besides taste and energy, they offer a special appearance to snacks, sweets or food. It sounds strange, but if, for example, you use spirulina powder in a smoothie, it will give it a bright green or green color.

Can such eating habits be included in a demanding and intense everyday life?
If they are not included in such a routine, during which we need them more than ever, then when? For example, I am one of those people who do not need coffee in order to wake up in the morning, but they will make a smoothie quickly in a blender or mix yogurt with fruits and oatmeal or quinoa. If we have prepared the night before what we want to use in the morning, we make our life easier.

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