Chris’ secrets

Chris Schild is a very successful makeup artist and hair stylist, who lives in Germany. He travels around the world as he cooperates with big, international brands of beauty and fashion, popular magazines, such as Elle and L’officiel, and famous stars as well as top models, like Dita Von Teese, Petra Nemcova and Izabel Goulart. In his interview, he reveals unique beauty secrets.

Which products are the must-have makeup products that every woman should have for the current season, Fall-Winter 2015-16; First of all, metallic eye shadows in gold, bronze or silver tones combined with dark shades like brown, gray and black create the most impressive smoky look. A  mascara that may offer lashes like Twiggy’s, the iconic model of the 60s! A good eyeliner for a classic contour of the eye or for more striking lines. Blush in peach and pink shades. Absolute protagonists are also lipsticks in red, dark violet and black shades! What is your favorite hair styling product this time of year? I truly adore hair powders that increase hair root volume at the moment. It’s undoubtedly a very useful product, not only for professionals but also for every woman who wishes to refresh her look immediately wherever she may be. A beauty secret that always works? By mixing a highlighter with a foundation base, we can achieve a very fresh, healthy and bright effect on the skin. That’s a secret that I always use. Read Chris Shild’s Interview in October Issue page 21.