Orgasm… Where is the key?

Where is the “key” to the female orgasm? In our mind or our body? About time we sorted out the myths that surround orgasm and enjoy an erotic summer.

by Anna Vorgia

We’d like to thank for her collaboration Dr. Natalia Koutrouli, MSc, health psychologist trained in cognitive psychotherapy and counseling, director of the Center of Applied Psychotherapy and Counselling.

The «key» to the female orgasm. Myths and the truth. Over time, much ink has spilled in the effort of many, experts or non-experts, to explore and then to describe the secrets of the female orgasm. The female orgasm is a complex issue, around which several theories and «recipes» have been developed that eventually have added even more mystery and skepticism. Is there a point G? Do all women reach orgasm? How many kinds of orgasm are there? Should a woman reach orgasm every time? These and many other questions seek for answers as for women orgasm may be a taboo as a topic of discussion, but it is always what it is sought after in order to fulfill  the pleasure a woman  will take from a sexual intercourse.

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