He cheated on me. Should I break up with him?


«I wanted to boost my self-esteem”, “It was just sex, it didn’t mean anything to me” “It was innocent flirting”, “I love her.” What happens after cheating?

by Anna Vorgia

We can hardly answer the question about what infidelity is. At first, the answer seems to be simple, having sex with another woman! But is it really so? If he gets to bed but without having sex in the end, is he being unfaithful or not? Some say that cheating sexually has to do even with the thought about it or flirting while others believe that both fantasizing and innocent flirting should not bother us since they do not harm the relationship, but instead they can revive it and break the monotony. But what if infidelity has to do with sex? Do we want to find it out or not? And if we eventually find it out, must we end up the relationship or can we move onovercoming this… unfortunate moment?

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