Beauty Manifesto

Every one of us is beautiful ,unique and special. Bellissima is here to remind us of it and it encourages us to enjoy our appearance every day through the most beautiful message.

by Mania Bousmpoura

There aren’t many companies that manage to approach women and bring them closer through an advertising campaign. Some women talk about miracles, some other about exaggerations or about women who real everyday women like us never meet. Nevertheless, there are some companies that touch our hearts and meet our needs. They address to us who struggle every day and want to take care of ourselves, first of all because we want to feel nice with ourselves and listen to ”You are beautiful”. Bellissima is a that case. The favourite Italian company which through the moto of its campaign, ”You are Bellissima” or ”Sei Bellissima” in Italian, places every woman on the highest stand of beauty as we deserve it.

Bellissima undoubtedly deserves to be our favourite company because it offers the best tools for our beauty maintenance by creating innovative devices using the latest technology. They are characterized by the elegance of the Italian style but also they are easy to use and they offer perfect results. Especially, the hair equipment is unique.

Its latest creation, which we truly adored in IQbeaute, is the automatic hair curler Revolution Ricci & Curl. But when we talk about curls we refer to every kind of them, too tight or even too loose curls depending on the styling we want to obtain. It’s about the perfect beauty tool covered by Gloss Ceramic Silk Effect, that allows equal heat distribution and it offers great hair protection. Bidirectional technology gives perfect results due to its double rotation system and Thermo Control allows you to adjust the temperature between190 °C and 220 °C depending on the waves that suit your preferences.

And if you are wondering how it is easy to use, we can assure you, after having tested it in the office, that it’s extremely easy.



A unique beauty tool that we recommend to you as a gift for yourself, especially at this time of season, and we think it deserves to be yours.

Bellisssima is exclusively distributed by Carad. Look for BELLISSIMA in all electrical and beauty stores. For more information visit
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