My Elvive


The most glamorous Greek star discovered her own Elvive! Is it time you discovered yours?

by Mania Bousmpoura A radiant, beautiful and charming woman. She combines the brilliance of a dynamic presenter with the image of the loving mother. Even though she is easy to approach, as her fans feel she is their friend, at the same time she has the aura of a star! Undoubtedly, that’s how I would describe Eleni Menegaki, who in recent years I have had the pleasure to know and work with. Whenever I meet her while on set I am very excited because we share special beauty secrets, along with the show viewers as well as with L’Oreal Paris. So, I was really happy when I learned that L’Oreal Paris, the largest cosmetics brand worldwide, chose her as the new ambassador and spokesperson of the brand in Greece. Her beautiful hair in the foreground highlights the new hair care products Elvive Total Repair 5, a series that restores vitality to damaged hair – which coincidentally it is also my own Elvive range this season. Eleni Menegaki found her own Elvive. So did I, for my long and demanding hair … You? Believe me, it is important to find out what can help your hair, because each of us has different needs … Dyed or natural, dry or oily, with split ends, hair showing dull, damaged hair that need rehabilitation and restructuring, and with so many different needs , Elvive make every woman’s hair completely unique. That’s why L’OrealParis and Elvive, that consists of a very wide range of products, created myelvive.gr, a practical and easy to use tool that enables us to immediately discover the Elvive that suits us. So, have the test by answering simple questions and be sure that with the right Elvive you will have the most beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

ManiaEleni With Eleni Menegaki, we share many beauty secrets in her TV show and one of them is Elvive Total Repair 5 that takes care of our hair!

Photos behind the scenes, from the shooting for the advertising campaign with Eleni Menegaki and Elvive Total Repair 5