My precious hair!

Rene Furterer Mania Bousmpoura

When you love your long hair, its care is not negotiable. That’s why I want for my hair only the best products. In this period, I trust for the care of my hair the signature of the French brand Rene Furterer, which with the power of botany, of valuable natural ingredients and essential oils gives every woman strong and beautiful hair for years, while its presence dominates internationally in the backstage of fashion shows.

By Mania Bousmpoura Photos: Fotis Karapiperis Hair: Dora By Vangelis Hatzis Makeup: Apostolos Marinopoulos Assistant Photographer: Panagiotis Karetsos

My hair, besides being long it is also very rich –thanks to my mother from whom I inherited it– and it always determined the style as well as my appearance. Its length has gone through several phases, from very short to very long, but it is its quality that has always characterized it and I think it makes it stand out. It, literary, characterizes me so much, that many of my friends “warn” me not to cut it ever. Of course, I take care of it, I choose the best professionals for its haircut and styling and I always use the best available products in the market for looking after it. It is also true that I experiment with various products, but as I know very well the “peculiarities” of my hair I immediately understand what suits me and what doesn’t. Rene Furterer is one of the brands I have trusted for years and occasionally I use several of its products according to the needs of my hair, which of course change according to the season. With a significant presence behind the scenes of fashion weeks in many countries, among them being the Athenian Week of Fashion (AXDW) which was organized just a few days ago, the French brand is known for its particular philosophy, based on the magical world of botany and precious natural ingredients for strong, healthy and beautiful hair. The products of Rene Furterer, both for grooming and for styling, are excellent. That’s why those who have tried them are hard to change. So, for two months I have been using a system of three products that strengthens the hair from the root up to its ends and renews its appearance. I started applying this system because especially after summer my hair needs extra care, while the stress that reappears in my everyday routine as a result of strenuous working conditions causes a seasonal hair loss. Please have a look at what I use!

Rene Furterer

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