Help save my hair!


Immediately after my holidays the dryness of my hair takes me to the hair stylist Stamatis Karaiskos, ambassador of Kérastase in Greece, at Sadhu Hair, his hair salon in Kastela.

By Mania Bousmpoura

Stamatis, even though I took care of my hair during holidays, it is drier than ever. Is it a common problem?
Hair dryness concerns most women after summer. It is difficult to keep hair hydrated especially when it is exposed much to the sun, sea and air. If we see that it needs immediate hydration, we choose the Nutritive range by Kérastase, which
restores both hair moisture and elasticity and has been the No1 for many years. Its new launch, with an even more improved texture, brings balance to the hair in less than 10 days.

Kérastase has the solution to every problem as long as you know what suits you, but that does not always happen. I believe that the well-informed hairdresser is the right person to give the answer. However, many women think that when hairstylists try to help, they just want to sell their products. What do you answer to that?
The hairdresser who respects his work suggests the necessary products and treatments for his client’s hair. This is based on the diagnosis of the problem. When it is not correct and documented, then the client suspects it and believes that the hairdresser’s aim is to sell.

What else should I do, this time of the year, in order to have beautiful and healthy hair?
Apart from the hydration treatment, hair always needs a little haircut, a style renewal. But even a change would not be a bad idea now, just to welcome the new season with a fresh and new look.

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