A bad hair day? Here’s the solution!

Discover six short cuts and tips for the days that your hair is not “at its best” and give a unique style to untamed hair and not well formed curls, facing in the coolest mood frizzing and lack of time for shampooing and styling.

by Evi Georgiou

An ideal and easy solution. Gather your hair at a high, loose bun that you will secure with a hair tie or a bun donut and leave enough strands in order to frame the face. With hair forks (preferably invisible such as Hershesons that we find in Sephora) you can secure completely your bun. Then leave a few strands around the hairline to “soften” your look.


Use a dry shampoo for immediate renewal in your hair and to increase the volume. Spray the roots and then lift them with the fingers while using the dryer to cold air. The fresh look and refreshing look result will surprise you. We recommend the dry shampoo by Klorane (available at pharmacies).


Create a braid starting from the side of the front, wrap around it and secure it behind your ear with two forks in a diagonal position (X-shaped). You will have a very impressive look immediately. To remain stable for hours, use a fixation extra strength hairspray…


The best ally to give form to the messy hair is a curling iron. We think the Revolution Ricci & Curl of Bellissima is the ideal choice. It simply creates any kind of curl, very tight or even very loose curls, depending on the styling we want to obtain. It is a perfect beauty tool covered by Gloss Ceramic Silk Effect that allows equal heat distribution and great hair protection. Bidirectional technology gives perfect results due to its double rotation system and Thermo Control allows you to adjust the temperature between 190 °C and 220 °C depending on the waves that suit your preferences.


For frizz free but also volume curls, the secret is to turn your head upside down and comb your hair with your hands or a brush with big teeth. This will form your curls from roots to ends. At the end, use a light hair oil. We choose the L’oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil for its wonderful scent but also for its rich nutrition, vitality and polishing that it offers to the hair.


If you use hair forks properly, you will save your look while gaining extra points for your style. The secret is not to apply them scattered in your hair, but to structure a particular shape. Form a series of 5-8 hair forks in order to look as if it is a part of the comb and not to disclose in any case that you are trying to hide something.


Catwalk Photos: Yannis Vlamos